Artist Statement

I design and handcraft jewelry, specializing in contemporary beaded kumihimo, and other bead weaving techniques. I strive for comfortably elegant pieces that can be worn effortlessly. My work often incorporates semi-precious gemstones, hand-blown glass, and metal beads. I love the tactile experience of beading, and the ever-evolving combination of techniques, colors and textures.

Artist Profile

Shelly has always had a passion for unique jewelry design. In 2014, when she retired from a thirty year career in corporate Human Resources, she redirected that passion from collecting to creating. After exploring various jewelry-making techniques. Shelly became fascinated with bead weaving, as well as the art of beaded kumihimo, a contemporary adaptation of the ancient Japanese art of braiding with fibers. Shelly now specializes in bead woven and beaded kumihimo jewelry, incorporating gemstones, crystals, glass, and metal into her work.

Shelly displays her work at On The Edge Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, as well as local art shows in the Phoenix area.